Business Services

Mr. Mai’s offers a variety of services. Contact us to ask about our many opportunities.

Translation Services:

  • Resume (Chinese to English)
  • Research Papers or Other Personal Documents
  • Other Business Related Documents
  • Documents for Going Abroad
  • Contracts or Registration Documents
  • Editing and Correcting English Documents

Language Improvement Seminars:

  • Basic Business English Seminars
  • English for Management Seminars
  • English for International Trade Seminars
  • Interview Preparation Seminars
  • Business Improvement Seminars
Interpretation Services:

  • Business Conference / Presentation
  • Tour Guide / Interpretation Service
Registration Services:

  • Registration Documents
  • Complete Registration Package for Foreign Enterprises
  • Other Business Services

*The tour group is also responsible for all expenses incurred by the interpreter.
Email us at and ask about our services!